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    【Product Name】 Electric Hospital Bed

    【Model No.】01\02


    【Intended Use】The electric hospital bed is electrically controlled by a hand controller, press the button on the hand controller to adjust height/ backboard/legboard/trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg. Makes the backboard adjust range from 0ºto60 º,  legboard adjust range from 0ºto30 º, move height from 450 to 750mm,  and trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg adjust angle from  0ºto 15 º.

    【Apperance and Components】

    Range of application】In the operating room, emergency room, treatment room in hospital or using in family for patient treatment, recovery and health care.




    1. Installation Instructions

    Step 1: Align the four pieces of guardrail with the guardrail mounting plate, and tighten them with bolts and nuts to ensure that the guardrail does not loosen after installation.

    Step 2: Align the headboard/footboard with the fasteners on both sides, insert the headboard/footboard and turn off safety device. 

    2. Usage Instructions

    (1) Manual operation on controller

    Back Up and down:,corresponding to the rise and fall.

    Leg Up and down:  corresponding to the rise and fall.

    Back  rises synchronously with the leg board:corresponding rise and fall. 

    Whole bed up and down: corresponding up and down.

    Bed tilt forward and backward:  corresponding to the front and back tilt.


    (2)B brake operation

    Casters are used for brake operation: press the central brake pedal with  foot. 

    Casters are used for move operation: lift the central brake pedal with foot 


    (3) Operating Instructions for  aluminium alloy guardrail 

    Grip the red handle with your hand and follow the arrows. 


    (4) Operation Instructions for PP four pieces of guardrail

    Guard rail up:Hand-held guardrail to up vertically, hear "click" sound, the guardrail is lifted into position.

    Guard rail down: Open the shutter, let the guard rail down to the lowest position after release. 


    【Cleaning Methods】/【Maintenance】When cleaning electric bed, need to wear appropriate protective clothing, with a disposable dishcloth dipped in neutral detergent and warm water, and then wipe the surface of electric bed. Before performing the cleaning operation, please remove the head plate assembly and foot plate assembly, and the bed sheet of the mattress support table from the hospital electric bed. Starting from the upper section of the hospital electric bed, clean all horizontal surfaces one by one. The system carries out cleaning items, then cleans the lower bed section of the hospital electric bed, and finally cleans the wheels of the electric bed. For easy residual dust or dirt location should be paid special attention to do clean. Rinse with water and dry with a disposable paper towel. Before replacing the mattress, make sure that the cleaned parts are completely dry.

    【Precaution and Warning】

    1. The electric hospital bed is suitable for hospital and home nursing patients, it is a product for indoor use; the weight of the product is 90KG. Suitable for patients height not more than 194 cm, weight not more than 170 kg.

    2. Power Supply: AC110V ~ 240V; Frequency: 50Hz; Fuse: 250V, 2A

    3. In the process of moving to pay attention to the power cord and controller wire do not fall to the ground, to prevent casters break insulation layer; be careful not to fall to the ground controller, in order to prevent damage.

    4. To prevent children from misoperating the bed.

    5. When moving, turn on the casters brake switch; when positioning, turn off the casters brake switch.

    6. In the use process, do not allow charged bed, in order to prevent electric shock or damage power components.

    7. Disassembly of power components is not allowed, if the failure of electric components should be sent to a professional or repair department maintenance.

    8. The hospital bed must be set to the lowest position when no one is using.

    9. The use of electrical devices, may produce electromagnetic interference, in the use of other inspection equipment, please do not use electrical parts on the bed.

    10. Under normal use, the product should be inspected every 6 months for structure, function and safety.

    11. After the electrical parts of this product reach the service life (3 years) , it should be disassembled and replaced by professional people of the manufacturer. Strictly prohibited non-professional Disassembly and assembly!

    12. This product is recommended in:

    1) .every use by the patient,

    2)  major pollution occurred,

    3)  every use cycle (3 months) for cleaning and disinfection, can use disinfectants, detergents, the use of acids, bases and other chemically harmful, corrosive or radioactive substances is prohibited.


    13. When the bed board rises and falls, forbid to sit on the end point, otherwise, extremely easy to cause the bed board to bear the force uneven deformation.

    14. The multi-function nursing electric bed is a precision product, please place in the good environment to use.

    15. If you do not operate for a long time, please turn off the power socket switch or unplug the power cord, put the power cord to the appropriate position on the head of the bed frame, to avoid casters over the cable or wire.


    Transport and storage must be in a ventilated dry environment, do not place in a humid environment for long-term.


    The main frame into the plastic bag, the rest of the accessories into the accessories box, and then in turn into theexport specialcarton.

    【Shelf Life】

    5 years

    【Labels, Packing Logo Design】

    Product Name: Face Mask


    Model No.Reference:




    Applicable Standard:EN 14683: 2019+AC: 2019 Type IIR

    Device Description:

    A flexible, loose-fitting mask designed to be placed over the mouth and/or nose of a healthcare worker to permit normal breathing while protecting the patient and wearer from the transfer of large particles (e.g., blood, body fluids, and airborne particulate materials)  during  medical  procedures  and  patient  examination;  it  is  not  a  form- shaped filtering device (i.e., not a respirator). It is made of a flexible, porous fabric or paper material and is typically secured using elastic ear loops, head straps or ties; it may incorporate a forming nosepiece (metal wire) and/or transparent face/eye visor intended to protect the upper face/eyes from debris/fluid. This is a single-use device.

    Intended Use: The surgical face masks are intended to be worn to protect both the patient and healthcare personnel from transfer of microorganisms, body fluids and particulate  material.  These  disposable  surgical  masks  are  intended  for  use  in infection control practices to reduce the potential exposure to blood and body fluids. This is a single use, disposable device, provided non-sterile.


    The product should be stored in a cool dry area, away from heat and direct sunlight.

    How to Use the Device:

    1. Open the packaging pouch and take out the mask .

    2. Place the side with nose piece upward. Hang the ear loops on the ears, or put the head straps/ties around the head.

    3. Press the nose piece to fit the bridge of the nose, then press the nose piece and pull the lower end of the mask to the lower jaw.

    4. Adjust the mask so that it covers the bridge of the nose to the lower jaw in order to get the best protection effect.

    How to Remove the Device:

    When the user wants to remove the surgical face mask, he shall first move to the safe environment and then remove the surgical face mask.

    Shelf Life:

    3 years


    1. Check the  package completeness  before  using. Check the  label,  manufacturing date and validity time, to make sure the product is in valid date.

    2. Do not use if the package damaged .

    3. Do not reuse. Reusing may cause cross-contamination.